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Tanslated materials:

Knowing About
Asthma (Hindi)
Knowing About
Asthma (Nepali)
Knowing About Asthma (Urdu)    


Knowing About
認識哮喘 教學版(繁) 認識哮喘 教學版(簡) 香港哮喘會簡介
(Introduction to the HKAS)

(Asthma and
Physical Activity)
懷孕與哮喘 (Asthma and Pregnancy)

職業性哮 (Occupational Asthma)

過敏症是什麼 長者與哮喘
做個醒目的家長 兒童與嬰兒期的哮喘 哮喘控制指數測試(ACT) 兒童哮喘控制測試