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Smog is a type of air pollution. It is caused by a mixture of gases and tiny particles (like smoke) in the air when it reacts to sunlight.

The main source of smog is traffic fumes.

Around two thirds of people with asthma say that air pollution can trigger their symptoms so if this includes you here are some top tips for coping with smoggy air conditions:

  1. If smoggy conditions set off your symptoms then you should try to avoid going outdoors, especially in the afternoon.
  2. We know that staying indoors isn't always possible, so it is even more important to check you have your reliever inhaler with you when you go outside. If necessary, take some before you go outside.
  3. If you have to go outside, then it's best to avoid doing any type of outdoor exercise.
  4. If you are outside, it is best to try to plan your day to avoid busy traffic areas and car fumes.
  5. Have a look at air quality levels in your area. This will help you to plan ahead if the pollution levels are going to be high. You can check out predicted pollution levels here
  6. Remember, if you do notice that your symptoms are getting worse, follow the steps you need to take on your personal asthma action plan.
  7. Never ignore worsening symptoms. See your doctor or nurse for help before it becomes urgent.