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Prevention and daily care of Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is not curable, so prevention is the key. It is important to minimize the chances of allergic rhinitis attacks. There is no way we can eliminate all possible allergens; patients need to avoid allergens as much as they can.

  • Keep away from dust mites. Keep the household environment clean and dry. Avoid furniture that accumulates dust quickly, such as carpets or fabric sofas. Change bedding every week, wash it at 55 degree or above, and dry in the sun;
  • Avoid using feather dusters and the like when cleaning. These tools will spread the dust around into the air. Use a damp cloth or powerful vacuum cleaner;
  • For those allergic to cats and dogs, avoid keeping one or exposure to furry & feathered animals;
  • Cockroaches are also allergens. Keep the domestic environment clean to keep them away;
  • For those allergic to pollen, avoid places with a lot of grasses, in the evening and at night in particular. Keep windows in the house and car windows shut or use pollen filters. Wear a mask or goggle when going out. Visit countries where less pollen are presnet;
  • Smoking or second hand smokeing will trigger allergic rhinitis. Avoid smoking or exposure to second-hand smoke.